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 Citi Businesses
‚Äď City Security & Management, Sport & Entertainment, Political Campaigns,
Churches, NGO, Universities, Cafes & Restaurants, B2B Business.
 Mass Dynamic Development
- Eshops, E-commerce, Hospitality & Clubs Event Organizers, Shopping Malls & Shops,
Airports & Mass Transport, Radio & TV Stations Marketing Agencies, Etc.

What we do?

Enterprise Solution Development
Branding & Digital Marketing Services
Mobile Development
Product Ideas & Design
Web Development

Who we are?

CiTiSqurells are Geeks, Developers, Media & Advertising Veterans and IT experts, creating solutions and services for the local African Markets. It's estimated that there are 4 to 6 Billion cell phones in use daily, globally. We now live in a world where every sheet of paper printed can have the computing power of an Ipad, where swallowed pills uses stomach acid to send wireless signals, and where Billionaires are born by changing fractions of a penny multiplied by billions!
We thought about Africa, we thought about tommorow and also thought about the future, we then hurried up to the top of the mountains of ''unbounded complexities'' - The African Trillions Mountain.
Targeting the emerging African markets with an understanding of her continuous data explosion wrapped around the Web & Mobile operations that has given rise to great demands for tailored services and solutions, employing local strategies and industry best practices. To cater to African needs, you need to be Local, 'cos LOCAL is KEY!
The CiTiSqurells development and service delivery Hub have partnered with innovative and global digital and development networks across various industry. Connecting African brands with a highly engaged and targetable audience locally using specially developed technologies and strategies.
We understood how great it is being able to reach out to existing customers and potential new ones, with great offers to get them to keep coming through the doors always. We help Businesses and Brands take control of their creative ideas, development and advertising needs, aswell as reaching out to people that are local to them, enticing them through the door using our proprietary¬†SO-LO-MO-BE¬ģ¬†marketing & advertising campaigns Strategy. Giving African businesses and Brands the right visibility for online and mobile marketing, advertising, social , audience/traffic acquisition and content engagement.
Our innovative partners platforms give brands and businesses the freedom to target audiences across various demographic ranges and interest profiles. Our network of high-impact AD exchange partners provides the market with the freedom to deliver AD experience that allows brands to best tell their stories and drive engagement with creative and engaging contents.

Company facts

We combine practical local and up to date knowledge of the African market with global innovations and technology in creating a truly ergonomic solution for the African businesses and brands. We’ve stayed committed and driven by the passion to continuously dig up needs and requirements tailored to the market’s requirements and cater to same carrying the brands and business along all the way, because local is KEY!


Hours of development


Bowls Of Ogi

with sugar


Wraps of Moin Moin eaten

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29 Dec '09

Sharp start

How it all began

The Squrells converged on the African Goals, charting the ¬†course for the African Mobile Trillion Mountains service delivery. ¬†We understood that to achieve anything African, it has to be ¬†Social-Local-Mobilized and tailored to the market’s peculiarities and behaviors, so it all started with mapping out territorial strategies.


05 Mar '10

Business scope development

lauching into the deep

We championed a mandate to scale into the West Africa region- Nigeria, to build out the territory, earn the market’s trust and commence operations building out services and pulling in technology and service provider partners to work with us locally,

07 Apr '14

Chirping changes

change in scope

Now; We’ve been in Africa, and there is a lot to be done. So our service delivery scope will continue to evolve with the market and the challenges that comes with it

31 Aug '14

Grand finale

ready to re-run the gig - We are HERE to STAY!

Revamped!!! Spotting more shiny technologies and awesome partners, driven with the same African Vision, Africa is the NEXT BIG Thing! – and if you are also exited to jump in, speak to a Squrell Today!

Our partners

  • Dunamic Dust
    Dunamic Dust
  • Google ADword
    Google ADword
  • Sales Layer
    Sales Layer
  • Collect
  • Magic of Perfection
    Magic of Perfec
  • Microsoft
  • Minimal
  • DFDevelopment
  • QUSO
  • President
  • Aeffiliates Limited
    Aeffiliates Lim
  • Motionize